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Many DJs boast that they can blend a wide variety of styles, but Christopher Alan is the real deal. He seamlessly and inventively transitions between a multitude of genres in such a way that the whole of each set is greater than the sum of its parts.

He’s no slouch in the studio, either. Built around moving, textured bass lines, his songs draw from influences just as eclectic as his performances. His extensive history as a producer equips him to execute such ambitious arrangements tastefully nonetheless, which has resulted in the instantly recognizable Christopher Alan sound.

Chris was born in Pennsylvania, but he and his family relocated to MIami, Florida when he was two years old. At age five he began learning how to play the piano – which equipped him with a keen ear for chord progression. Shortly before high school, he came across a 1992 compilation CD titled Technorave 1: The Sound Of The Future (Attic), and embarked on a lifelong journey through the ever-shifting electronic music landscape.

As a young adult, he worked his way into the Miami nightlife scene. Standing onstage alongside the likes of Paul van Dyk, Armin van Buuren, George Acosta and Carl Cox, he developed not only a sense of showmanship but the expertise as a songwriter that gives his releases the “it” factor that shines through them to this day.

Chris grew interested in the sound synthesis side of electronic music as well, and it wasn’t long until he downloaded his first digital audio workstation (DAW). After familiarizing himself with Acid Pro, he moved on to Cubase, and then Frooty Loops (now FL Studio) before finally settling into Logic Pro and Ableton Live, learning the subtle nuances of songwriting and production over years of experimentation.

Shortly thereafter, Chris landed his first weekly at Bulldog Lounge in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, which he held through the club’s rebrand as Lush. He also played numerous one-offs during this time, including a DJ competition organized by the local radio station 93.1 FM for whom Markus Shulz and Edward V were judges. In addition, during a set at Blondie’s in Colorado Springs, CO, the club reportedly made more in liquor sales on the rooftop where he was playing than the entire rest of the venue had since opening its doors for business.

He went on to hold additional international residencies at Tangente in Heidelberg, Germany; at Monaco in Daegu, South Korea; and at Trinity Nightclub in St. Robert, Missouri. He delivered an hourlong techno set for the radio station 102.1 FM Sunshine Live in Mannheim, Germany, in addition to countless other singular performances at venues throughout the globe.

Once his productions caught up to his mixing, Chris’ first official release arrived in the form of the 2004 progressive house single “Transform Anthem” – which was actually a remix of “Sharing Transparently” by 1st Class. In 2009, Chris launched a record label called Forward Motion Recordings (FMR) Digital. He partnered with independent Austrian distributor Rebeat to release his first original, a trance song titled “Harmonic,” the same same year. In 2010 he launched his own monthly podcast called Trance Sessions that went on for three years and drew sizeable web traffic numbers.

After relocating to Denver, Colorado in 2014 following nearly a decade of active service in the United States Army, Chris honed in on his creative process in the studio like never before. He fine-tuned the amalgam of electronic music styles and made finishing touches to his production method to arrive at the iconic Christopher Alan sound.

The aptly titled “Finally” marked the first exhibition of his signature style as it made for a beautifully flowing hybrid between the tech house and trance genres. However, his most compelling soundscape to date is irrefutably his production, “Real.” Characterized by deep, dark bass lines and complicated unpredictability, it’s a gripping aural journey that leaves every listener awestruck.

As far as Chris’ current DJ sets are concerned, every electronic music enthusiast owes it to themselves to catch one of his high-energy performances. He builds each mix intelligently and deliberately, often composing the whole of the set as its own melody with the key of each track playing the role of a single note. Whether consciously or otherwise, his audiences find themselves swept up in the fervor of his selections shortly after he steps behind the decks.
Considering how recently he’s come into his own as a producer, it stands to reason that Christopher Alan’s best years are ahead. Suffice it to say, every electronic music enthusiast owes it to themselves to check out the Christopher Alan sound.


Agency: FMR Digital

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Nationality: USA

Resident in: Denver, CO